I neither read these books, nor watch the show. But I fell in love with these two and their fucked up, but highly fantastical relationship and I learned everything about it without actually trying to get involved in the base material… and I just want to say, Fuck. You.I was on a good god-damn streak. 10 days without Tumblr making me cry knocked back down to zero. FEEEEEELZ



this “self-centred” bullshit people use to describe a woman who loves and accepts herself is a device to keep girls humble and thinking they should date the first fuckboy who pays her the slightest bit of attention 

 cupcaike girls are made to feel bad when they find themselves pretty 

I don’t think so. Maybe there are some personal anecdotes to the adverse, but since I was young, people have gone out of their way to give me physical compliments. And I’m an elementary teacher, I always throw down compliments to build my kids up. I’ve never witnessed someone making girl feel bad for their looks. Except other petty bitches who secretly think the person they’re putting down is pretty.

But yeah, universally, I don’t think the world is out to make pretty girls hate themselves. Just a few assholes with a glaring lack of manners.

Edit: however, I do know a few uber conceited girls who should be brought down a notch. But they treat other people like garbage for daring to even talk to them and that behavior is unacceptable. I don’t care if you think you’re Adriana Lima, you do not say something despicable to a guy that is hurtful just because you think he’s sub-par. Politeness works two ways.


This is a story I’ve been working on. It’s basically something I dreamed up about how the world would be if the Rad Fems came to power and actually got their way with a male genocide. At least in the country of America. It’s a dictatorship. A new world order known as The Sisterhood. This is the first chapter. Not sure if anyone is interested in me continuing it but if they are, I’d love to hear about it. I have an actual storyline planned for it if people want to read more.

“Three years and look where it’s gotten us.” Mel muttered as she sipped at her cup of tea. Coffee was long since gone, unless you were one of them. Almost no one was one of them. No, they were the privileged, the ones in command. Everyone wanted to be them. The ones in power. The ones who had taken everything away and made the country such a dreadful place. So many promises and yet none of them had come to fruition. The great change, the destruction of the patriarchy. The one they had made up to bring about this shift. It had done nothing but ruin life for everyone else. “Fucking Rad Fems.”

“Shhhh.” Lisa snapped, “If they have this place bugged—“

“Let them have this damn place bugged. Death is better than drinking tea instead of coffee.” Mel replied and emptied out the drink. She wasn’t supposed to do that either, “waste resources”, but she also really didn’t care. “Where’s Gillian? We have to go.”

“She’ll be here any minute. Her ‘life mate’ is with child. Remember?” Lisa asked. She was hastily packing a bag full of the few essentials they had actually managed to hoard away over the past few months. It had not been easy and so many sacrifices had been made but if they were going to desert they had to do it while also being relatively prepared. The Rad Fems were currently not allowing anyone to leave the country. At least not without permission. If one wanted out that had to be a part of the Sisterhood. If you weren’t with them, you were against them, and should that be found out it meant certain death.

“Where’s a good man when you need one?”

“You are going to get us both killed!” Lisa snapped at her in a loud angry whisper. She zipped up the bag and carried it over to the door where she set it by the two other ones they had. Mel gave her a look and pulled her boots on. If one could still call them actual boots. By that point they were mostly duct tape that had some sort of resemblance to leather. Shoes were incredibly hard to come by. Everything was rationed to those who needed them, or rather, those who deserved them because they were loyal to their sisters. Mel and Lisa were at the very bottom of the barrel. Just barely escaping imprisonment or death. Both being incredibly fed up with the situation they were about to try to make a run for it. Cross the border into Canada. That country was taking refugees, if they managed to make it into the country without being detained, shot, or killed. Gillian’s life mate, Sarah, said she had a friend who was looking the other way for large sums of money and other precious, hard to come by goods. That’s why they had sacrificed for six months. To bribe their way to freedom.

“Most likely we are both going to be killed anyway. Rather dead than controlled by Big Red.” Mel rolled her eyes and grabbed her tattered excuse for a jacket as well. It was nearing winter and they would have quite a bit of a hike before they could get to the border. None of the cars actually worked around there. They were all lucky they lived so close to the area they needed to cross. None of them had access to horses and if any of them wanted to take some kind of cross country trip, not only did it have to be cleared by the Sisterhood but it would have also been heavily monitored and needed to serve a purpose. Everything was basically done on foot for the current time period.

“From what I hear, she doesn’t have much longer in power since she’s not exactly fixing things like she promised.” Lisa said. She pulled the front door opened and looked for any signs of Gillian and Sarah.

“That’s what always happens. Doesn’t matter. They still have about three hundred of them to go before the whole system collapses. That could take five to ten more years at least. We just don’t have the man power to take them down. Literally. Not since the harvesting.” Mel replied. She strapped one of the larger bags to her back and pulled on the hat that Lisa had knitted for her in their spare time, which they had a lot of now since the internet wasn’t a thing and electricity was scarce in the little ghetto that their kind was forced into. They were one step above traitors. Women who were labeled high risk as deserters, women to watch because they may cause trouble and start a resistance. They’d be lucky to even get out of the compound with all the stuff they had. Luckily the Sisterhood was all about female bonding and crap like that. The plan was to explain they were all going into the woods. A camping trip to have a private birthing ceremony for Sarah who looked like she was about to give birth any day now, even if she wasn’t.

“We don’t have the man power because we don’t have any men. Well, relatively speaking. They are all at the capital, kept as studs for the chosen to reproduce.” Lisa replied.

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10/10 please don’t stop.